playback with jog position in eucon

Hey everyone!

Question: Is it possible to have the mc transport use “jog position” with audio playback? I know i can switch the mc to “jog shuttle” mode which does playback but then the jog isn’t absolute (it speeds up and slows down depending on how far the jog is turned) and i would like it to be absolute like in the “jog position” mode. I can’t find anything about this so i’m afraid it’s just not possible, but as a former Fairlight user I’m really used to working like that.


On my MC Pro, there is a function called “LEFT EDIT/ JOG” which turns the (Left Edit) Wheel into a jog wheel.

I think this function will work likewise on the Avid Artist Series, but I’m not sure that the function (Left Edit/ Jog) is actually present in EuControl while it differs from EuConMC.

Niek/ Amsterdam.

Thanks Niek,

I’m afraid that’s no option for the mc control. I only have these:

I’m not really attached to the mc transport, actually i would like something more
solid in the end. Is this working with other midi controllers, HUI or Mackie?


I only have these:
Screenshot 2020-05-26 at 20.52.00.png

How about: “JOG” ? I think that’s the function you have been searching for?
Or am I misunderstanding you ?
Since I don’t own any HUI or MACKIE-contollers, I can’t help you on any info on this unfortunately.

Niek/ Amsterdam

You can do this with the “shuttle” control.

Hi Niek,

No your right! That’s what i was looking for. I tried it before, a few times, even but i coudn’t
get it working. Unfortunatly eucon is quite buggy here. But it does work now! Thank you!

your right! That’s what i was looking for.


Unfortunatly eucon is quite buggy here.

I don’t want to patronize you, but are you sure it wasn’t an “operator error”?
Although there is a difference between EuCon MC (which I am running on my systems in order to work with my MC Pro) and EuControl (which you need in order to work with S3 and Artist Series), and that I do think that EuCon is a bit unstable, I don’t think that it’s buggy …Are you really experiencing code-related issues?

Good luck.
Niek/ Amsterdam.