Player app for Blackmagic Cards

If you run out of graphic card outputs and still want to use your video monitor/projector that is exclusively connected to a Blackmagic card outside Nuendo, Premiere, Vegas, final Cut or Protools, it is a no go.
The Blackmagic Intensity pro doesn’t have the driver to be run with a plain windows player.

I found this little gem called DLVPlayer. It allows you to play videos outside Daw and NLE sotfwares.
There’s a demo for it. It works perfectly on my system. It is windows only.

Do you know how much it costs to license? Tells you to email the developer to find out the price.


I see the Home Edition is 30 Euros and the SE version is “negotiable”. Did you ask what they wanted for the SE version?

Well as far as I can remember you can use PT video on th BM card as long as Nuendo isn’t. . I might be wrong though it’s been a while.

I have had similar conflicts with other apps. Pretty sure only one application can address the BM card at a time.

Just tested, you CAN run PT with video on BM output and Nuendo with video on a regular computer screen at the same time. PT needs to start first it seems (I tested with PT10 as AVE in PT12 isn’t that great), and you need to make sure that Nuendo does not output the video to the BM card at the same time.

It is not technically possible to output two video streams to one single video output, to do that you need a video mixer of some sort.

Hi Heisenberg, I don’t know the price yet. I’ve contacted the author.

There seems to be a confusion as to what this app does or is it what I wrote ?
This app is a video player software using blackmagic cards decklink extension. Nothing to do about using blackmagic cards at the same time in Nuendo and Protools, Vegas etc…

How else do you guys play a video to an external Monitor using a BM card without using Nuendo, Protools, Premiere etc ?

update : The price is on a donation scheme (pay what you think is fair). Average is 80 to 100 eur/dollar.

I must have misunderstood you then.
There is also the black magic player app. Works fine for just looking at video files.
Or Davinci but may be a bit much to deal with.

I never really got the Blackmagic player app to play anything except what I captured with it.

I’m talking reading H264 movies files and such.

It has never failed me yet when I have tried it, but then otoh it’s definitely not a every day need here.