Player group issue


I did a lot of research but couldn’t figure out an easy way to do the following:
After creating a new project from the default dorico’s film score template, I tried to make some changes like adding contrabassoon and bass clarinets. But I couldn’t change the way players are grouped and bracketed by default. For example, clarinets in Bb 1 & 2 are grouped & bracketed but not the bass clarinet and I couldn’t make the group include the bass clarinet because the group is created by default!

If I were to create manually a new group including 2 clarinets in Bb and the bass clarinet from the players panel, then they would be separated from the woodwind family entirely. I wanted these clarinets to be in a subgroup under woodwind family but dorico doesn’t seem to allow groups within groups.

I must be missing something as this seem like a very common task, adding/deleting instruments, grouping and subgrouping them as you wish.


Sure it does! I did it 2 minutes ago.

See the Bracketing section:

Is this what you mean?

NB I don’t think that this is possible by default

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Hi Daniel!

Thanks a lot! This is exactly what I needed! I was still learning the program and didn’t realize it was that basic!

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