Player group names not showing on a single staff

I have a score with several percussion players and I want the group name (“percussion 1” for example) to be shown. This works when I have multiple staves, such as a grand staff for marimba, but not showing when I have a single staff. Is there a way to make the group name visible regardless of the number of staves?

That reminds me that some time ago I asked for text tokens for player group names.

Hi @avnerdorman It shows for me the group name also with single staves instruments. If you have only one staff instrument on one group, you only see the number of the group as it is not enough place for the longer name or the group-bracket.

(alternative in case I misunderstood your setup)
If you instead organise the instruments inside Players (with allowing instrument changes) you can choose to show the player names:

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So I don’t know why - but for me it shows this:

and this


@avnerdorman can you share a cut-down version of your project that shows this issue?

You can right click the Group name and create short name versions for the group name, which IIRC should be used in case the space is too tight. But I think Dorico could still omit them, if the space is too tight for even the shorter name versions.


thank you! that was it!