Player handling in MusicXML Flow Import Options

I’m just getting near to the end of a task of trying to import a dozen various old MusicXML files with different orchestrations and different instrument names at times to create a single project. It has been somewhat frustrating to say the least. Dorico offers the feature to “Create All New Players” or to “Merge with Existing Players Where Possible”. If you choose the latter then an entirely new orchestra is chosen with all the instrument names duplicated which is fine is you really do have different instruments. However, Dorico only seems able to merge if the names are identical. There is no way than I can see that you can tell Dorico that a Horn is the same as a Horn in F which is the same as a French Horn and/or French Horn in F.

Is there some clever way to reduce the workload here? What I feel is required is at the import stage is an extra dialog giving the possibility of getting Dorico to treat instruments which actually are the same as the same once Dorico has analysed the MusicXML file and could present for instance a list of clearly related instruments for confirmation or otherwise.


Yes, certainly more control would be welcome.

For now, your only option is to either edit the XML file after a trial import, and then import - (there are also edits that can be made for things like forcing Section Players); OR move the notes into the correct staff and delete the extra one.

Yes, I agree that in future it would be helpful to allow you to see what Dorico is going to do with each part in the MusicXML file so that you can influence how the music is distributed. This isn’t going to happen soon, but it’s definitely on our radar.


I’ve employed a few strategies such as moving the instrument to another player and then often moving the relevant line in Galley view to an already existing instrument which is what you’re suggesting, I think, Ben. Anyway, I appreciate there seems to be some support for my idea. This sort of project isn’t something I do often so no urgency on my part but I’m sure there are others who would like more control over the distribution of the music and it’s great that it’s already under consideration, Daniel!