Player Label question (in condensed scores)

I’d like to have player labels where two instruments are condensed onto a single staff to show as 1°, 2°, etc… rather than just the numeral.

I can’t seem to find the right words to look this up in the online manual. Could someone point me in the right direction?

To the best of my knowledge this isn’t possible. The available options for labelling condensed instruments can be found at Library > Engraving Options > Condensing.

Sorry, and merry Christmas!

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Two things I can think of:

  1. Find a font with 1°, 2°, 3° etc. instead of 1, 2, 3. I did not find any such fonts with a brief internet search. There might be some and there might not be.

  2. In Engrave mode, select a player label and enter some Custom text in Properties.

Unless it is possible to select many and change them all at the same time, this could well be a very time-consuming procedure in a large score.

I have just tried selecting a few of the same label (eg. 2.) and changing them at the same time - it works.

This is very easily done in a font editor. 3 minutes.


Take care to use the glyph at U+00BA, the masculine ordinal º (Option-zero on Mac keyboards). What you all are typing is the degree sign U+00B0 ° (Shift-Option-8), which is too small and not contoured like a lowercase o. (This forum’s font shows the ordinal with a little underscore º, but that is not the necessary part.)

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I have no idea how to get that symbol on my Windows computer.
I have a little keyboard addon called “WinCompose” that allows me to add whatever symbol I need, but there are so many I have NO idea where I’d find the one you specifically reference.
And yes, I notice that the “degree” symbol ° is far too small in my score.
Oh, and underlined would be even better for me!!!

and what font editor are you using there?
I don’t have one installed on my computer, so no idea where to even start.

I’m using Font Creator. I can do it for you if you’d like. Numerals 1–4, with underlined degree glyph? And I assume typically small point sizes?


that would be wonderful, thank-you.
you would rename the font, obviously? since I already use Nepomuk as my text font, I would need the numerals to be available as regular numerals as well…

Small point sizes? I use 11 as the default for player labels.
I tried doing it with FontForge, but I am completely lost.
I did enlarge the ° symbol with an underscore, it looked really nice. but I couldn’t get it to actually generate a font. I have NO idea how these things work.

I think you would want this to be its own font, and you could set the condensing labels to be only that font. Right?

yes, exactly.
maybe rename it something like “Nepomuk_player_label”?

I hope the person who created the gorgeous Nepomuk font doesn’t mind us playing around with it a bit?

This is part of the problem with trying to replicate certain French publisher looks. They appear to be really unique TO French publishers!

For example, the abbreviation for “Violoncelle” is Velle, with the “elle” being superscript, and the two Ls being underscored. It makes for lots of fiddling (no pun intended) with instrument names.

I could easily add this to the font as a ligature, if @benwiggy would be ok with it. That would allow you to type it in directly, without any workarounds.

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I don’t copy those things that do not respect any typographic rules. Each language has its rules. But engravers (French engravers at least) seemed to have their own rules. The use of spaces around signs like columns, semi-columns, exclamation marks and abbreviations are sometimes really weird. Not to mention some characters that I have found typographed in three or four different ways in the same edition. Do you really want to trust the source that much? I’d say respecting the composer’s work is enough :person_shrugging:


@Michel_Edward like so?


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I’d prefer modified variants to have separate names, until I can ‘fold in’ the additions/changes; just to avoid any confusion.


that’s beautiful!

oh, it’s ok, I’ve created a “french score” template that I use that now has all this info in it.

yes, I’ve never understood the rule about spaces before/after colons and stuff like that.

I’ve just settled on a “house style” that is largely based on the Durand & Fils scores that I’ve had for 50 years. I’m not being slavish to specifically copying their style, but I love the look of a lot of the engraving, particularly as pertains to things like text indications for instruments and instrument labels.

Since the music I’m engraving is my own, I have a relative amount of freedom to play with elements.
But having used Finale for over 30 years, and the vast majority of my scores are in that format, I’m trying to transfer all of those details over into my new Dorico scores (as well as old scores I’m now re-engraving in Dorico.)

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Unzip and install. The only change from Nepo is the 1, 2, 3 and 4 glyphs.

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Thank-you!!! it looks wonderful!

Warning to anyone else thinking of using it, however, if you have “a2” anywhere in your score, it WILL show this new ° symbol where you won’t want it.

I simply use two directions of stems to indicate unison writing, so I never have “a2” anywhere in my scores

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