Player not showing up in every layout

Hey everybody,

I have some weird thing going on.

One of my players does not appear in every layout I want him to show up.
I am orchestrating a show, where the Keyboard I player also has to conduct. So I created a layout where Kbd I, all singers and a “cue” staff are assigned to.

The cue staff and some of the singers do not appear in layout. As far as I know I checked every necessary box, (when I select the layout in the panel, every wanted player has his box marked and every player is signed to every flow) but they are still not visible in page view. In Galley view every signed player appears.

I tried everything I could think of and spend some hours in the forum, but I couldn’t find any solution.
I´m still pretty sure that I´m just missing something obviously.

Best regards,


Hi Stephan,

Does the Kbd1 custom layout have any page overrides? ( Red corner) If so, remove all page overrides.

Did You check the hide empty staves option?

Maybe if You could send the project file (.dorico) One of us will be able to help You.

Best, Carlo

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Hey Carlo,

thanks for your answer.

I removed all page overrides… still the same.

The hide empty staves option has also no effect.

I trieb to attach an example file, but I get the message that the file is to big (its 6.2 mb, as a .dorico file and as a .zip)

Best regards,


Could You choose play-playback template- silence?
And then try to send it?

Silence worked, thanks!

I attached an example of the project. As you can see, the “cue” doe not appear in the Kbd I (MD) part.

Thanks for your help!


JCS Template.dorico (543.0 KB)

I think it is missing because you have filtered it out of the frame chain…

page layout

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thank you SO much.

I don´t know how or when this happened, that I filtered them (it was not on purpose, for sure :grinning:).

Again: Thank you!!

Nice weekend to everyone,