Player numbering vs transposition

One of the people whose works I typeset has been given a commission for an orchestral piece with the following rather odd line-up of Clarinets:


I need to retain the use of auto-numbering within Dorico, as I rely on it in almost all families of instruments. You can see however that the automatic numbering of the Clarinet parts as they change to A is going to make things confusing. What we would really like displayed is this:

Clarinet I in Bb/A
Clarinet II in Bb, Bass Clarinet
Clarinet III in Bb/A, Contrabass Clarinet

Even though I am well aware that this is an example most likely outside the bounds of the software, can or will there be a way to achieve this whilst still retaining auto-numbering of Players?

Dorico will only auto-number the Players if the names match exactly. One possible option could be just to manually add the numbers. The names won’t match, so Dorico won’t add additional numbers.

Your condensing labels will be a mess though, so you’ll likely need some sort of workaround there if you’re using condensing. The full label will show for each instrument too.

Thanks Fred, food for thought.

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