Player numbers in condensing mode

Hi, I have a slight problem with indicating players in condensing mode. I switched off numbering and switched on breaks. But Dorico does number some players but this is also not continuous. So, I really want no indicating Player numbers because I have breaks. So how can I solve the problem?

Thanks.Clarinet horns

I believe the option you’re looking for is in Notation Options → Condensing → Inactive Players → Condensing for players inactive for some of the system.

Potentially you may need to change “Condensing for players inactive for the whole system” as well in the same section.

Thanks for your reply. Unfortanetly I tried everything (also your suggestions) but nothing helps. Also in condensed mode dorico is really slow. Therefore I don’t want to try more. Hoping of version 4.

I’m sorry to say that I don’t quite understand the problem as described in your original post. Is the issue that you are seeing more player numbers (e.g. “1.” and “2.”) above the system than you ideally want? You can hide them in Engrave mode using the Properties panel.

Hi Daniel, when I select “Show rest and omit labels” I do not understand, why Dorico shows player labels. I do not need labels “Player 1 or 2” when I have rests in the score. In my score, which is large, I have to hide many labels. If it is so, I do not understand why I have the choice to “Show rests and omit labels”. Furthermore each action on labels (or text, or time, or…) takes about 10 seconds or more, because Dorico recalculats after each action (I know that this is a known problem). And there are further problems eg. different keys in different instruments causes Dorico to put reminding Time signature at the end of a page outside the staves. sometimes when condensing Divisi the space between the notes is too narrow. Then all accidentals overlap (Screenshot1). Also rests overlap. (Screenshot2). So, in conclusion I am hoping of version 4. Regards. Michael.


I’d be interested to see the project itself in which you are experiencing incorrect note spacing with condensed divisi music. Please cut it down to the smallest passage that reproduces the problem, and attach it here. Thanks!

Hello Daniel, I deleted many bars, but the file is still about 5 MB. Is there a way to mail it directly to you? Thank You so far.

Try going into Play mode, then Play > Playback Template. Set that to Silence, Apply and close. Save. You should find that the file’s smaller now.

Great. Works.
Info: Bars 11/16/17/22: Rest overlap or a really close to note or beam (Strings)
Bar 55: time sig. overlaps notation
Bar 60: tremolo really close to different voices (strings)
Bar 71: really mess in flutes, clarinets an strings
Regards, Michael (dorico 3.5.12 windows)

P0188_FrauHitt_Kanetscheider_Orig -Daniel.dorico (823.5 KB)

You can’t currently edit the position of rests on condensed staves. The spacing problems are caused by the manual staff visibility change at the start of the flow: there is a bug in this area of the application that we intend to fix in the next major version of the software, all being well. In the meantime, you’ll need to add a system break manually to reduce the amount of material in that system. Sorry for the inconvenience!

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Thanks for the response. I do the workaround and waiting for next version. Condensing staves is one of the great feature which prompted me to change from Sibelius. Regards, Michael.