Player order settings / VSTi settings per flow

Suppose that a project contains multiple flows, and some flows only require certain parts of instrument players.
For example, one flow may only uses piano and strings.
This brings a problem: For most flows, piano staves are placed above strings; but for the flow mentioned above, there is a convention in Japan to put the piano at the bottom (percussions may beneath the piano, but I need more investigation).

Therefore, my suggestion to further Dorico releases to allow possible player order settings per flow.

Similarly, VSTi settings per flow can be really helpful if soneone wants to use different NotePerformer panning settings per flow.

We have no current plans to allow you to change the order of players from one flow to the next, though we certainly don’t rule it out in the future. However, for the time being it’s easy enough to have two players with the same instrument, and include each player in only the flows in which they are needed, then create a part layout containing both players.

Thanks for your workaround. Looks like I don’t have to incur my instructor’s anger for not obeying this convension. :slight_smile: