Player setup, please allow change solo to section player

In player setup, you can add a solo player or a section player, but you can’t change a solo player to a section etc.

This is a problem where, for example a project is incorrectly specified or imported. E.g. the sample projects (take a look at the strings for the Pigmalion sample for example). NotePerformer chooses different samples depending on this setting, so for that example, all strings are played as solo instruments.

in order to correct this, one would need to add a section player, copy and paste then delete original (can’t cut and paste or it gets it all wrong), then delete the instrument. Changing solo to section shouldn’t be that hard, section to solo I could imagine trouble with existing divisi settings, but they could be split into separate players or something. In the 3 projects I’ve opened I’ve had this problem, so I think it will be common.



You don’t need to cut and paste anything: simply create an empty-handed section player, expand the solo player’s card, and click and drag the instrument from the solo player to drop it onto the section player.

doh! ok thanks, I’ll go crawl back to my cave :slight_smile:

I can’t get this to work (Dorico 3):

It’s an XML import from MuseScore but there’s nothing unusual in the file that I can see.

You can’t currently drag an instrument from a solo player to a section player, because a section player can only have one instrument… but of course it should work when the section player is currently empty-handed. We will fix this in a forthcoming update.

In the meantime, you can copy and paste from the instrument held by your solo player to a similar instrument held by your section player. It’s not as quick, but it’s not too bad: select the first note or rest, choose Edit > Select to End of Flow, copy to the clipboard, select the first rest in the duplicate instrument held by the section player, and paste.

This is awfully painful - is there any progress on this matter?

If you add another player of the type you want (e.g. if the instrument is currently held by a solo player, add a section player) but press Esc to close the instrument picker before giving them a new instrument, you can then just drag an instrument from an existing player to the new, empty player.

In Setup mode, press Shift-Alt/Opt-P to add a section player, Shift-P to add a solo player.

Ah! Great thanks.

You’re welcome! That’s also a handy method (that I think I saw someone else share some time ago) if you want to add a player but don’t want it to appear in the full score due to staff spacing overrides you want to preserve, or something. If the player is empty, it won’t affect casting off and you can then remove it from layouts you don’t want it to appear in before giving it an instrument.