Players Switching Parts

I’m in my trial of Dorico and enjoying it so far, but wondering if the following is possible:

We have an arrangement for four bassoon players of a couple of Led Zeppelin songs that run together. However, at some point in rehearsal, musicians 1 and 3 worked it out so they wouldn’t both play the solo part for both songs. What I would like to do is keep the solo part in the top line of the score, but create parts that reflect the swap.

Put another way, Bassoon 1 in the score shows the solo line throughout, but Mark’s part is a combination of the Bassoon 1 and Bassoon 3 parts. I’ve tried it with different flows, but haven’t really gotten the desired effect. Is this possible, and if so, how would you go about it in Dorico?

Usually, I would just write the solo line in a different part, but it might be nice to have the solo in the top line regardless of who is playing it. Certainly not a dealbreaker, but is there a way to accommodate this complex workflow?

Why not just cue it into whichever part you like? Select the relevant empty bars in the bassoon stave, type Shift-U and then start typing the name of whatever the top staff is called. Then hit Enter to proceed.

You could show two staves continually in each part, with the Solo above the ‘actual’ part. If you Hide Empty staves, then you would only get the one.

Or perhaps you could use “Section Players”, and use divisi for the Solo line.

I salute you and thank you for your work. :sunglasses:

This is very close, given that I can set the cues to 1.0 scale and hide the measures rest, but I’m having trouble changing the clefs in the cue part as the cued clef is always shown. Odd, and not what I would have expected.

I’m also missing multi-rests in these cues, but it’s possible I just haven’t found the setting for that yet.

Setting the transposed clef in the cue to “None” seems to have done the trick. I thought I tried it before, but it worked when I just tried it.