Playhead in Editor always plays from beginning (FIXED in1.4)

When selecting a part of the audiofile with the in and outmarkers in the editor, the playhead always start from the beginning of the audiofile…
That makes it very hard to trim down a loop.
All audioeditors I ususlly use, TwistedWave, Hokusai and even Audioshare have this as a standard feature.
But I really want to do this with a smooth workflow in Cubasis!

I will suggest a setting for making the playhead play and loop at start of marker in Editor.
I have read the manual and this forum but couldnt find anything about this…or have I missed something here?
I hope this gets solved in the next update :wink:


good idea. I have put this feature on our list.

Kind regards,

Thank you for putting this on a feature list.
But is this coming in the new announced version 1.4?
I really hope so!



Glad to see that this issue has been fixed in 1.4!
But still no loop-play between markers!!!
This is an absolutely necessity for an audioeditor in a DAW…so why not Cubasis?
Please, fix this!