Playhead not follow scrolling window

Hi All

How do I get the gallery window to scroll with the playhead - the playhead scoots of to the right but the window stays where it is, i.e, it doesn’t scroll.

Thanks, CD

sibelius 8.4, Dorico 1.0.10, Cubase 8.5, Macbook Pro.

It is not the first time this topic is discussed.
The playhead moves forward but the window does not scroll. It is going to be implemented in the future but as for now, you have to manually scroll through the pages. I understand this is not a high priority feature.


Thanks for the reply. It might not be high priority but I should be easy enough to implement I would have thought. It is a bit bizzarre hearing playback but not seeing what is being actually played. Anyway, I’ll await the next upgrade.


The playhead will cause the event display in Play mode to skip forwards, but not the score display in the other modes. This is of course on our list of things to add.

I am puzzled as to why scrolling the page in sync with playback is not a higher development priority.

I would think everybody who uses the program, not just a select few, would want to see this. Perhaps I am wrong?

It is quite discomfiting to have to manually scroll the music to keep pace with playback. As one who intends to use Dorico for initial composition, I want to focus on hearing and seeing, not scrolling. If I hear an input (or other) problem, I want to see it as it happens.

I understand this is on the list of things to do, I just can’t figure out why this wouldn’t be among the highest items on the list. To my mind it isn’t really a feature request, it’s an implementation necessity.

All this is said in a spirit of comity.

It certainly is a priority for us, however it’s also decidedly non-trivial to implement: trying to follow the playback line where system sizes may change from page to page, or within music frames, dealing with multiple frame chains, preventing too much jumping about, etc. It’s something that we want to be able to do well rather than implementing something quickly that won’t work well enough for many users. To do it well takes time, and we have many other ‘essential’ things that everyone requests, so it’s a delicate balancing act to determine what actually gets done.

Thanks for the clarification, Paul.

If I may attempt to understand your point by rephrasing it (please correct me if I’m wrong): The unique architecture of Dorico, which brings numerous advantages, makes it more difficult to implement than more traditional notation programs.

Since it’s been a while, I’m tempted to bring up the car analogy again :wink:

Partly, yes, but also in the general case, decent score following/scrolling is a difficult problem.

If you will or not add this in the next relase please at last correct this issue:
If the playback line moves faster then graphical score it reach page end sooner and… stops playback.
In other words the graphical position of line do not determine the sound to play but the playing fact. If it is out of sync and reach the end, everything stops.

(Dorico Mac)

We have had some reports of the playback line moving faster than the score, but we’ve never been able to reproduce it. Are you using a different sample rate from the default of 44.1kHz ?