Playing back chords with arpeggio instruments goes awry

The Halion library in Dorico Pro contains a few instruments that provide arpeggiated playback, e. g. “Nylon Finger Picking” or “Campfire Guitar Arpeggio”, or strummed playback, e. g. “Nylon Chords” (all in the Guitar/Plucked section). Very nice in principle, but when I assign such an instrument to the Chords track, playback of those chords is all over the place, rhythmically speaking. They seem to be falling out of sync with the tempo of the main track. With “normal” instruments, chords play back fine (if a little boring).

Has anyone else experienced this as well? Or is this a configuration issue? Maybe the arpeggio speed needs to be matched to the song’s tempo (but I can’t see how)? Should I attach the project?

Dorico doesn’t currently send tempo information to VST instruments. This is on our backlog to be addressed in future.

Great, thanks. No big hurry, there are more important things on your to-do list. :slight_smile:

Any progress on Dorico sending tempo information to VST instruments in version 3.5? I commonly write the solo instruments in Dorico and want to add guitar/percussion from “intelligent” VST instruments using the chord track. Exporting midi to Cubase to achieve this is frankly insane - especially with all the work being done in Dorico to achieve realistic playback. Please add this feature.

No, I’m afraid there’s no change in this release. It remains on our list to be implemented.

3.5 is amazing, I really like the update in play mode. Hopefully, sending tempo information functionality is added soon…



I just purchased the new Spitfire Symphonic Motions library, and was quite disappointed to learn that I cannot use it in Dorico because of this. If I load it in Cubase, it works perfectly, it speeds up or slows down according to my tempo changes, but it is absolutely unusable in Dorico.

It’s a shame, even if I produce final tracks in Cubase, I always compose in Dorico first. I really hope this gets fixed as soon as possible, it’s quite a basic element :frowning:

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