Playing back video on PC

Hello friends,
I have an XDCAM HD422 1080i ( 50MB/s) sent to me.
Need a quick solution to get a 5 minute Nuendo project working.

Have a wonderful blessed and joyous Christmas and a great 2017 :slight_smile:

I think Fredo recommended xmedia’s “recode”, which I’ve used with success. Not a pretty software, but does its job.

You also might want to try Sony’s Catalyst Browse, assuming it is still available and free. You can transcode from Sony codec, like flavors of XDCAM into .mp4, etc.

EDIT: Just went into Catalyst Browse. It will transcode into mp4, however, if you clips are “spanned” meaning a long take comprised of several clips, you cannot transcode those.

The download page for Catalyst Browse is below.


Many thanx guys !

Hoping all is going happily on your Holidays.
I decided to skip downloading and installing more software at this time, as my water cooling system was dying for a last little while and decided instead to fix that before I
( CPU was running over 70Cº and my PC was getting slow with a lot of fan noise )

I’ve lost that gig… :frowning:
Although could have hack it in PT ( which can of course open and play the video ) but my chops are embarrassingly bad by now, being on Nuendo for years .

Anyhow…HAPPY NEW YEAR :laughing:

Hi all, …
I have had a discussion about water-cooling on studio PCs with a colleague here in Munich, lately.
He suffered a few minor damages over the 12 years of his studio existence, but is still a firm believer
in this cooling technology.
Whereas, I have never spent a thought on water-cooling, since I never had any heat problems and
especially not with the newer range of CPUs and graphic cards. My current PC system is almost
hibernating during medium size project work.

What could be a valid reason to use a water-cooled PC for an audio studio DAW?
I don’t see any. Any idea?

Cheers, Big k