Playing cues and condensing

Hi all,
I’m writing for band, where playing cues are needed quite a lot (where a different instrument can play the part of another instrument), and they need to be shown in the score as well. However, cues don’t play well with condensing. Example:

Horn 1 is cued to Alto sax, in galley view

but, when engraving, the cue disappears from the score.

This is intended behaviour.
A workaround that sort of works is inputting the part manually and changing the note size to cue. However, it stops working when I put bar rests at full size in a different voice to completely mimick the look of a cue, I guess Dorico doesn’t condense properly when there are multiple voices in the source intruments.

I don’t really like leaving out the bar rests, because it’s not standard and might rise questions during rehearsals. What workaround could I use?

FWIW I generally recall band parts with playing cues that did not also show bar rests. The note size and labeling are enough to distinguish.

I think provided the cues are identical for both players being condensed, they can appear in the full score (though I may be mistaken, and it is quite late at night!). Have you set the option for cues to appear in the full score layout in Layout Options?