Playing harp's glissando


I’m looking for a way to correctly notate and play back prerecorded glissando patches in VSL Harp 1.

Selecting and playing glissando requires these commands:

  • select a speed
  • select a root note
  • play a note corresponding to the desired glissando

The root note for a glissando doesn’t correspond to the notated/sounding note. It is a little like a percussion kit, where actual pitches don’t correspond to any pitch on the stave.

How would you manage the above, in the expression map and the score? Maybe a good idea could be to transpose the playback of each note, but I fear this is not currently possible.


I guess you’re going to need to define a number of playing techniques and then map them in your expression map in order to produce the required root note in addition to the start note.

Daniel, thank you for the hint. I’ll do some experiments.


A hint to myself: if things like this one become overly complicate, it may be better to create a second player with the same instrument, and add all the trickier playback things there. This player will then be hidden when creating the final score for print.