Playing Lanes Sequentialy

I have only 2 tracks in my project at the moment. One track is a single take, single track, no lanes or track versions etc. On the second track I have recorded 4 lanes. When I play back the track I want to listen to each lane one after the other to decide which take I like best. There seems to be no way to do this. I can use the comping (hand) tool to select each lane if I wish to, which seems a bit clumsy. Also muting the lowest (active) lane does not cause other lanes to play back, simply mutes the lane and plays back nothing on the track with lanes. I can’t find a reference in the manual, nor on the forums. I can easily believe that I have missed something (possibly obvious) somewhere but I would prefer to spend my time on the music rather than trolling through manuals/forums. Any ideas?

Solo the lane and turn on the preference “Enable Solo on Selected Track”

Now you can switch between the takes using the up and down arrow keys.

Thanks for the answer.
So I still have to time my “lane changes” to coincide with the repeats of the looped track. I cant just play it over and over to decide which particular second of which particular take I want to use? I have to actually control the process of moving from lane to lane ? Is that correct.
Thanks again for the answer Steve.

Unless you move the parts so they are actually sequential, yes, as far as I know. Never tried to do that- someone else might come up with a better answer.

Thanks Steve,
It’s as I thought…
Another partially implemented feature.
Maybe I’ll get the rest of it when I pay for one of the later updates. AGAIN.
Thanks again

How is this partially implemented? Sounds like yours is a pretty unique feature request.

you ever been in a circumstance where one listen to something is enough? when constantly having to intervene in an activity isn’t disruptive to the thought process?
Maybe so

Switch on “cycle” for the portion you want to listen. Play in cycle mode and switch between lanes as steve recommended.
If you need a “smaller” portion to be listen to, move the locators and tighten the “segement” you want to compare this way.

Your request is not well thought - because usually one doesn’t listen to all lanes sequentially, but narrow the number down to the ones that are usable.

btw. your side-kick against cubase/Steinberg “maybe Ill get it when i pay for the next update. AGAIN” just puts you into the shoes of a troll.

Just my 2 cents, Ernst

One thing a lot of folks don’t consider is that all the takes on each different Lane are all part a single audio file if the takes were recorded continuously in Cycle mode. This means that if you had, for example, 4 different takes of an 8 bar guitar solo all recorded in one go - you could grab the right edge of the audio on the first lane and drag it to be 32 bars long with each of the 4 solos one after the other.