Playing live, using Cubase and splits

I’;ve been a studio guy for a long time. I need to set up a live setup, and I’d like to use Cubase.

I want to set up a template that allows me to split B4 organ and Kontakt piano for my right hand, and Trilian for my left.
I want to do this using two simultaneous MIDI channels set to record and set up split points on the instruments. This I’'ve pretty much figured out how to do, but how do I get The B4 to respond to MIDI expression pedal, wheel mod and sustain pedal, but not Trilian? Thanks for any help…

You’ll have to filter out the midi CC for the channels you don’t want to receive expression, sustain etc. Use the MIDI monitor insert on the midi channels to check what midi information is sent to each VSTi.

But instead of using Cubase, I would check out separate applications made for this kind of use: Cantabile, Forte and Live Professor are some of them. I’m also planning a setup where I use my laptop for all sounds when I play live, so I’m trying out these apps myself. At the moment, Cantabile seems to fit my needs best.

EDIT: Noticed that you use Mac, so the apps I mention won’t help you.


another possibility is to use one midi track to play 5 VSTis (!) simultaneoously:

  • F11-rack with VSTis as you need.
  • generate 1 Midi track with one VSTi.
  • Midi Sends” (!) here you can insert additionally 4 VSTis from the VSTi rack.
  • in every midi slot insert the midi-plugin “midi modifiers”. adjust proper “range” values.

I’ve never used MIDI monitor-is there an option there to filter stuff out?

Interesting-does "Midi modifier’ allow you to simply filter out specific CC info?