Playing live with Cubase

I’m planning on using Cubase live for most (or all) of my band and since we have in each song many changes I thought of using premade tracks that change the effects while the song is playing (this way we can focus on playing and it reduces the need of pressing a floor pedal).
For this thing, we thought of buying and using Plugin Alliance Gig Performer 3 on each track and having Cubase switching the presets automatically during the song. The problem is (and I’m sure there’s a pretty easy solution for that) is that we use a midi control to switch the presets and unless it’s an actual note on the midi keyboard, I don’t know how to use write it on the track. Do any of you have live experience or know how to apply this type of midi on a track?

here’s an example of someone using Cubase live with his band and playing on a synth, he has a bank changer on the Kronos track. how does he write it and how can I apply the same for the Gig Performer 3?


Does the Plugin Alliance Gig Performer 3 use common Program Change MIDI Message?

Yes, Gig Performer 3 use program change messages. Lots of users use e.g. Ableton Live to send PC messages to Gig Performer and switch its rackspaces (or call songs). Your “only” bother is to play and enjoy music, without thinking on advanced technology that lies under the hood.