Playing Multiple Tracks in Cubase LE 5

I’ve been recording multiple tracks with Cubase LE 5. When I play the tracks they are not aligned as I recorded them originally. Where can I change the settings so that the tracks are perfectly aligned when I play them??
The track delayslider is at zero but the track still are not aligned.

Your help is much appreciated.

What software/hardware?

What events midi/audio?

What are you recording?

I’m recording vocals with a Zoom H4n portable audio interface device. Wether I record the tracks directly into Cubase or import tracks, they are always misaligned.

Try to describe your problem better.

Misaligned to what? how are you going about all this? still don’t know your software?

You originally said multiple tracks, so I assumed you were recording several tracks at once, but It would seem you are only recording one track at a time?

The better the description of the problem the more likely we can help you.

One possibility is a samplerate mismatch, what samplerate is the project and what samplerate is the zoom set to?

He said LE5 in the title, so that’s one question answered. :slight_smile:
I too don’t quite understand what the problem is though. You mean the different tracks are not in time? Do they drift apart or is there a fixed delay?

I’m using LE 5…got it this time? :laughing:

What I’m doing is I’m recording one vocal track; then, while listening to the first track, recording more tracks.

Also, they do seem to drift apart, because it becomes worse towards the end of the track.

Oh yeah so he did :laughing:

What are you using as a timing reference? are you trying to sing to the sung track or what, is this getting a bit like squeezing blood out a stone?

Read “info out of a newb?”. :wink:

That’s exactly what I’m trying to do. I sing the soprano track the add the bass, tenor, etc.

So you are using the H4n as a usb audio interface and even though you sing everything in time, when you play back the tracks it is no longer in time?

What driver have you set in Cubase?

Exactly; I have it set for the Zoom H4n ASIO driver.

Have you maybe changed the sample rate between takes 44.1/48?

I had been letting it set at the 44.1, but I just changed it too 48 setting and that does fix the problem; however, when I record, it now has a terrible white noise…do you have any thoughts as to what is wrong now?

The only thing I can think of at the moment is to make sure both Cubase and the Zoom are set to 48?