Playing only selected notes?

Is there a way to play a single staff of an instrument? Or play just a single voice? Or, more generally, just some selected notes, but not others?
For example, in the “Au Tombeau De Rachmaninoff” sample project, I wanted to listen to the treble staff only, or to voice 1 only (which also includes some notes in the bass staff). I was able to filter to select just the notes I want, but playing back still played all the notes, not just the selected ones.


Hi Dan.
Select more than one note of an instrument (might be two or three notes, or a note and a tie…) and press p : this soloes the instrument. Select notes from different instruments and press p, those instruments are soloed. I do not think you can listen to a staff of a grand staff instrument, since both staves are considered by Dorico as one instrument.

Another option, if you want something a bit more “sticky” than being simply based on what’s selected, is to use Alt+S (the key command for Play > Solo Selected Instruments), which you can undo with Shift+Alt+S (Play > Deactivate All Solo States).

But I’m not interested in soloing an entire instrument/s… I’m interested in soloing a voice/staff/some specific selected notes, with everything else muted.

That’s not possible to do, unfortunately.

You could perhaps select a region, filter to select only a particular voice, and mute those notes in the properties panel. Or select everything in one staff or the other of a piano score, and mute that.

In that case I’m requesting this feature :slight_smile:
Staff may be a bit specific, but I think soloing a voice/set of voices/selected notes could have very common use.

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I found this useful, thanks! Along with the tip about shift-space for repeating playing of the same part, taken from

you can use Space (to start playback from the playhead position) or Shift+Space (to restart playback from the last start position) and only those instruments will be played back.