Playing technique creation font issue

Using Alegreya font from Huerta Tipografica, I am trying to make note names with accidentals to label notes with extreme leger lines. But when I use A - G the size comes out different for each glyph, as follows:

If I just choose say A, it’s large, If I just choose B, it’s small.
I reinstalled the latest clean version of the font from the foundry.
And this happens when I have Unicode U+000 to U+FFFF range selected, as well as just leaving it at SmuFL.

Dorico, Windows 10.

[Just running some tests with other fonts, the issue is not there. Perhaps some incorrect metrics of some type in Alegreya (which would be suprising as it is a very widely used font)]

If you create “BADC” instead of “ABCD”, are the same glyphs small, or are the 2nd and 4th glyphs small?

Order does not alter it (I inititally thought this also).

After replying in your other font thread I thought I’d try and recreate this issue, with no luck—this is what you expected to happen, I assume. This is Dorico 4.0.30 running on macOS Big Sur. I believe I got my version of Alegreya off Google Fonts, perhaps try that one?