Playing technique not hidden in slash region

When I create a slash region of bars containing a playing technique (percussion), it is not hidden:

Seems like a bug to me…?

Wrong photo? Cool tho.

:smiley: Too many screenshots on my desktop, sorry for the mess. I’ve uploaded the correct one now. Anyway - thanks for your nice comment on the “wrong” picture! :wink:

This isn’t a bug, as slash regions only hide things that are actually music on the staff, e.g. notes, articulations, accidentals, etc. But I can see that you might want these to be hidden too. At the same time, you probably would not want dynamics to be hidden, so it’s not a clear-cut situation.

I understand the argumentation about the playing technique. I only can argue that this type of playing technique is perhaps closer to an articulation because it applies to one single note only. Playing the hi-hat open on two consecutive eighths would require to write the o on both notes - which makes it a big difference to e.g. dynamics, mutes or bow ups/downs. So I keep hiding these o’s manually, because I want my drum parts to play back as accurately as possible.