Playing Technique Not Showing Up in Expression Map

Okay, here it is, thanks!:

Variation 1 EW_2022-03-28.dorico (571.6 KB)

You would have to have created a Playback playing technique with that name, which seems to be different than what your pics and text description show a the top. The PICS show that you have Sus Martelle PT triggering the Sus Martelle Playback Playing Technique. There is nothing in what you shows that triggers Sus Marc Lite from Sus Martelle.

What seems to have happened in your project is that, instead of creating a new playback technique, you’ve ended up “renaming” an existing built-in one. The playback technique that appears as “Sus Martele” in the Playback Techniques dialog is in fact, internally, pt.closedHole, so I believe this is what is still showing up in the listing for the expression map as “Closed Hole”. (I suspect that isn’t quite the expected behaviour for Dorico so I will check up on that.)

That is an instrument in the key switch instrument in east west.

Oh no, so I screwed up a playback technique that is built in? That would explain a whole lot. How did you view that?

If that’s what happened I guarantee you it was by accident.

Oh, I’m sure - and I suspect we should make it a bit more obvious what’s actually happening here, so thanks for bringing it to our attention. I was only able to work it out because I have access to some additional diagnostics.

Ok, cool! I guess I was in too much of a hurry.

Thank you for all your help!!! What playback technique should I pair the closed hole playing technique with to fix this? Because I see now what’s going on… I accidentally assigned the Closed Hole playing technique to the ‘Sus Martele’ playback technique.

Btw, I opened Dorico 3.5 Pro just to get what the playback technique is supposed to be for ‘Closed Hole’ and it also shows ‘Closed Hole’ (because I totally screwed it up in Dorico 4.0). I toyed with the reset to factory for my playing techniques, but I thought that might be a little extreme to fix my problem, however it would fix it. But then I’d have to create the half dozen or so playing techniques I had created.

So, now I have to recreate the ‘Closed Hole’ playback technique and relink it to the ‘Closed Hole’ playing technique. And then, pray that I didn’t screw anything else up. Then I can go back and fix my ‘Sus Martele’ stuff. LOL.

I finally discovered the ‘reset to factory’ button in the ‘Playback Techniques’ dialogue which, when I clicked it, made the pumpkin (the term ‘Sus Martele’) turn back into the mouse (‘Closed Hole’) and reveal its true self LOL. After that everything started working again!

I will never forget how the playing techniques and playback techniques work after all this!

By the way, clicking on the star once you’ve created a new technique makes it available to your other projects. Best not to do that till you’re sure it’s working properly…