Playing Technique Not Showing Up in Expression Map

So I watched Anthony’s video about playing techniques and it was rather dated, but I couldn’t find another one. I also found a previous issue someone had in April 2021, but his/hers was because they were looking for the wrong playback technique in their expression map.

So, I’m going to paste a series of pics that can tell the story better than I can:

  1. Created a new ‘Playing Technique’ called ‘Sus Martele’:

  1. Created a new ‘Playback Technique’ also called ‘Sus Martele’, same case, exact same characters as the playing technique.

  1. Selected the desired keyswitch to link to the new custom technique;

  1. Clicked the ‘Edit Technique’ button:

  1. As you can see, my new technique is not showing up.

I was able to do this last night with my ‘Staccato Slur’ technique which for some reason worked. I don’t know what I’m doing wrong. Can someone help me?

could you just confirm the Dorico version? To me everything seems to have been done correctly. The only thing I’ve found on occasion is that the technique list does not always update immediately. I assume you tried saving the project and then restarting Dorico?

Version 4.0 Pro. Yes, saving the project and restarting.

Try scrolling through your playback technique list. You may find your new technique lurking amongst the dynamic techniques at the bottom!

I already tried that. No where to be found. I looked through the whole list. Btw, I went back and tried it in 3.5 Pro and it worked like a charm.

Come to think of it, I just upgraded to 4.0.3 and it may be when I was still on 4.0.0 that it worked. Other than that, is it possible my install is somehow corrupted?

I suspect there are some extra steps here that you haven’t described. For example, I can see from your screenshot of the Edit Playback Techniques dialog that the star at the bottom of the dialog is filled-in when you have the “Sus Martele” technique selected. That suggests it’s in your library of saved defaults rather than being something you’ve created afresh in the document you’re editing. Is that right?

No. I created it fresh. I just clicked the star because I saw on another forum entry that that might make it show up in the list.

Could you post a project in which you have created a new playback technique and playing technique?

Can someone that has already upgraded to 4.0.3 try it and see if it works for them? If it works, then I probably got a corrupted installation.

If you can post an example project here then I would be happy to take a look.

I think posting a project would be overkill. It’s a simple task. If you can do it and it works for you then I probably have a corrupt installation.

Have you checked that it’s not in the bottom of the list?


that should only happen if the new technique is not capitalised but it does seem to be here

I’ve added an imaginary susMax technique to the file you posted previously about flute articulations.
susMax-test.dorico (1.4 MB)

It worked without problem.

  1. add new playback technique.
  2. Edit expression map to link existing base technique to playback technique
  3. add new playing technique to link to new playback technique.

Result: New playing technique can be added to score using shift-p. New playback technique shows up in Play.

I just created a brand new empty project with just one instrument being Violin. Went through the same process and it worked this time. So I guess my other project is corrupted?

Yeah I just replied a few minutes ago I created a new project and it worked, so I don’t know if my existing project is corrupted or what, but I’ll look at it more tonight.

Just checking… What is up with the Sus Martele LITE that you used? Where did that one come from. That is not the name of the playing technique or Playback technique in the pics,

That’s the name of the instrument in the EW Opus Gold strings collection. That’s what will show in the expression map (keyswitch name) and it’s linked to the playback technique where the name doesn’t have to match.

How do I save it without the sample data? Because it’s too big to upload and it’s just the violin track.

Go into Play mode, select Play > Playback Template and apply the “Silence” playback template, then save the project under a new name and upload that.