Playing technique not showing with slash region?

Did something change with the latest update? I used to be able to have a slash region, then add playing technique, but now when I add a playing technique it doesn’t show. The only way for it to show is to “show other voices.” This causes all sorts of problems now, especially if I have notation under the slashes for playback.

and yes, I know I can end the voice immediately, but then that causes the following bars to not show rests.

Did something change?

Screen Shot 2023-03-31 at 5.03.06 PM

I’m fairly sure this did change in Dorico 4, if you check the version history you should find it.

Thanks, Lillie!

I’m curious as to why it was changed. The workflow seems a bit more tedious.

My understanding/memory is that a number of users expressed a preference for the auto-hiding functionality of slash regions to include playing techniques.

Well, that’s a drag. Thanks for the info :slight_smile:

I understand that may be useful in some cases, but showing the playing techniques is also useful in other cases. Is it possible to add this as an option so users can pick whichever method works best for their case?

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I don’t know whether it’s helpful in your case, Alexander, but if you activate the Show other voices property, playing techniques will appear as before (though of course along with any other material in other voices that would otherwise be hidden by the slash region).