Playing Technique(s)

I am also keen to know when the slightly reformed playing techniques will be available! Fingers crossed fairly soon!

I expect we’ll at least be able to add text versions of things like harmon mute etc. in the next update, yes.

Are there shortcuts available or planned for Playing Techniques and the other Create items? Some are quick and obvious like keys and meters, but others like snap pizzicato are more cumbersome. Sorry, if there’s a list of them somewhere and I missed it.

The only shortcuts available are the things you can type into the popovers, which are all listed here.

Not necessarily a playing technique, but it would be nice to have option to label players within a split part. Such as if I’m writing a split in Violin I, I want to be able to put “1.” if the line starts with just half the violin I section. Also a “solo” option would be nice and “div.” and “a2” and “tutti”.



Hi Daniel,

It seems that updates to Playing Techniques got left out of this update? I was really looking forward to having lines to denote changes of playing technique implemented, as well as being able to change the text into symbol or vice versa, and also was looking forward to a fix to the misleading ‘alternative text’ function which is actually just an ‘append text’ function since we can’t change the original text (I want to be able to write playing techniques in whichever language I choose).
You have mentioned in previous posts that any one of these changes might be coming in each new update since 1.0.0 (I bought Dorico on the day it came out), but still no luck.
Is there any timeline at all to implement these changes? Or is it on a serious hold into well into the future?


Yes, I agree this is needed, but it’s not a playing technique; for now, use Shift+X text, but in the fullness of time we will have a comprehensive solution for this type of thing.

Dear Thicks,

I think I have understood that something big is planned with Dorico, in regard with divisi, soli and so on… It is the ability to reduce/expand automatically different staves. Those options should appear in due course, when Dorico’s team will have implemented that amazing function. However, I do not think it is planned to be in this 1.0.x version, we probably will have to upgrade to a new version to get these tools.
In the meantime, I am afraid you will have to deal with new instruments and layouts (e.g. Violins, Violin I, Violin solo), Hide systems when empty and some shift+X text…

Strange: I have adjusted my Default Text Font setting to match the Playing Technique font.
When I Shift-X the text to my score the font’s don’t match up (see attach).

Also: stricktly speaking these things aren’t techniques but are used very often for strings and should, in my opinion, be seen as such:

non div.
font example.png

non solo
a due

Things like div., solo, unis. etc. will not be handled by way of playing techniques in Dorico, but rather by way of a dedicated feature for handling these kinds of splitting and joining situations, which is planned for the future.

Hi Daniel, I am wondering when this feature (arrows and lines to indicate gradual change, etc) will be added to Dorico. I have had Dorico for a while now but haven’t really been able to completely switch from finale mainly because of this reason. Let me know if this feature has already been added, because I could not find it neither in Dorico nor the documentation and tutorials.

I’m afraid it’s not yet been added, but I hope we will be able to return to this area and get working on it again soon.

I apologize that my initial search of the forum didn’t bring me to this thread before. I recently posted in a thread a number of feature requests (including this one).

Any update on this request?

No, there’s no new news (it has only been 30 days since my last reply, after all).

I’m sorry Daniel. I thought the last update was your reply from March, having overlooked the last reply.


I’m looking forward to this update. Is there a way to vote for this and other requests?

This thread has a venerable history at this point, but if suggestions are still of interest, I found myself missing some commonly-used abbreviations:

sul pont.

Hi Daniel,

I hope you’re doing well and off to a great 2019! I’m wondering if adding lines (or arrows) to indicate a gradual change from one playing technique to another has been added by now… I’ve searched everywhere but can’t seem to find it. I need to indicate in a score for a piece I’m writing a change from tre corde to una corda in the space of two bars.

Thank you!

Just an idea. It would be nice to have reminders with some or all PT as on/off option for each staves.
For example. If I have several measures of violins playing pizzicato, then 10 empty measures, and then violins start with arco, I could occasionally forget about that ‘pizz’ I’ve put before. To see that ‘turned on’ PT as a reminder together with a floating staff name in grey would be helpful. That reminders may desappear when you put ‘ord.’, ‘arco’, ‘senza sord.’ etc. in your score.

Sorry for possible mistakes in my English, I’m Russian.