Playing Techniques available in Dorico Elements

I understand that Dorico Elements omits the Playing Techniques editor, and includes 220 preset Playing Techniques. My questions are:

  1. Is there a list anywhere documenting what those 220 presets are?
  2. How can we know what Playback Techniques are associated with those presets?

It seems like Elements includes the same functionality as Pro when it comes to defining Playback Techniques, Expression Maps, and the linkage between Playback Techniques and Expression Maps. But if I work up an Expression Map myself in Elements, it’s not clear to me how I can then author my score to call up the right articulations etc. in my VSTs, since I don’t know which Playback Techniques will be triggered by the Playing Techniques I have access to.

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There’s no printed list, but you can see them in the right-hand panel for Playing Techniques, organised by category. If you hover over each one, you will see a tool tip that provides the name of each one, together with the (internal) name of the playback technique that is produced when this playing technique is used.


Thank you! That gets the job done. It’s a little weird that the tooltip only includes the internal name of the playback technique, since that name isn’t what’s used in the UI elsewhere. But at least for the built-in ones, it seems like the internal name and the UI name are pretty similar, so it should be possible to figure it out.

Might be nice to list the UI name here, perhaps on a second line and/or distinctive font, along with the internal name in case there are two playback techniques with the same UI name. So eg. instead of

Bisbigliando (whisper) (pt.whisper)

(which is additionally confusing since there are two sets of parentheses), it could be

Bisbigliando (whisper)
Whisper (pt.whisper)

Just a thought. Thanks again for the reply!