Playing Techniques default

Having created 45 new playing techniques for classical guitar, I am finding the little star to save as default confusing.
So much so that I frequently find I have lost several when I thought I was ‘saving as default’.
It would be nice if the ‘tip’ dialogue changed depending on what it was doing?
Save as default 1.png
Save as default 2.png
Or are both these ‘saving as default’ and there is another reason that I keep losing them?

Have you selected the playing techniques before clicking “save as default”?

Yes , but, not having noticed the change in the star beforehand, when adding some new techniques, I think I must have inadvertently ‘unticked’ some previous ones.
So does clicking the star twice undo the action?

Yes, if the star is filled in, that means that the selected item is currently saved as a default, and if you click it again so that it becomes unfilled, that removes it from the set of saved defaults.

Thanks, Daniel - exactly what I needed to know.