Playing techniques disappear in condensing mode


I have a section of 8 horns that frequently change from a stopped to a naturale playing technique. In galley mode everything looks great but in page mode and with condensing active the stopped horn graphic often disappears. This behavior is also inconsistent within condensing groups. You can see in the attached images that horns “5,6” and “7,8” are behaving well and then a few bars later they lose the stopped horn graphic while horns “1,2” and “3,4” display it.

Thanks for any help. This is a huge project that’s been fully notated. Condensing view is a miracle and is working great except for this issue of playing techniques. I’d hate to have to forego the condensed layout for this one small problem.


Welcome to the forum, Josh. Can you cut down your project to just the affected passage for the horns and attach that here? Some tips on how to make big projects small enough to attach on the forum can be found here.

Thanks so much Daniel! I’ve attached a project with the relevant section. Under condensing view at bars 4-8, horns 5-8 show a stopped technique but at bars 10 and 12 they no longer do. I also noticed after I posted that at bar 25 condensing view fails to capture that violins II are actually in four part divisi and shows only two parts.
Cutdown for (731 KB)

I don’t understand what is happening with the horns, but adding a condensing change at bar 10 fixes the problem. You don’t need to change any of the options, just tick the horn parts to make Dorico start a new condensing “phrase” at bar 10.

For the strings, I think the problem is that the divisi is changing from a2 to a4 in the middle of a system, and Dorico doesn’t know how to handle that. In general, it doesn’t know which staves to copy the “a2” music from, to fill up the four “a4” staves.

In your score there is nothing to copy since the relevant bars are all empty, but I guess Dorico doesn’t recognize that special case.

A work round is to add a unisoni to Vn 2 at bar 21 (the start of the bar rests). Dorico then only has to deal with changing from divisi to unisoni, not from div a2 to div a4.

Alternatively, put a system break at the same place as the a4 starts. That has the advantage that you get better labeling of the divisi staves.

Note that you also need to consider the casting off of the Vn2 part, which will have the same issues with the divisi change. For example it makes no logical difference if the a4 starts at bar 21, but the casting off might look better for one option compared with the other.

That worked, both the horn playing technique issue and the divisi strings issue. Thanks Rob! Just to be clear, since it took me a few minutes to figure out, I added a “condensing change” by selecting a note where the problem occurs in Engrave mode and then went to “Engrave>Condensing Change…”, ticked the offending instruments, did not change any parameters, and clicked “OK”.

Yes that’s what I meant. Sorry the instructions were a bit cryptic. It’s hard to judge how much people know already!

FWIW I think the horns issue is a bug, but no doubt Daniel will be back to comment on that.

The strings issue isn’t a bug, since Dorico is working the way it was designed.