Playing Techniques missing after XML export

After successfully applying custom/default playing techniques in the Dorico MIDI import dialog, all of the playing techniques are missing when exported as XML and opened in another notation program. I’ve tried switching the font style from “playing technique font” to “default text font” and re-exporting to no avail.
Is this a known issue or am I missing something?
Any help much appreciated, thanks —

How are MIDI imports supposed to affect XML exports?

Not everything that is represented in Dorico is currently included when exporting MusicXML files, I’m afraid, @mpatkinson321. You can read about the state of MusicXML export in Dorico in this thread:

The thread is four years ago now, but I’m sorry to say that at this stage the list of things missing from the export is still pretty similar to what I wrote back then. We do intend to dedicate some more time to improving MusicXML import and export, but I’m afraid it’s not yet risen to the top of our priority list.

Thank you @dspreadbury , I hope it catches up one day but also understand it’s not the highest priority. It’s just unfortunate for folks who have to collaborate with other application users. Cheers -

I think you will find that all programs claiming to handle MusicXML have (different) deficiencies on both import and export. The standard is not yet standard!

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Indeed, and since there is no commercial incentive for developers to make it easier not to use their products, we have to find other ways to work within the limitations, which is fine. I just hope all of my clients switch to Dorico soon :slight_smile: