I’m a new Dorico user and have a couple questions about the playback of playing techniques. I have both harmonics and pizz. in my score, and while I see them, I cannot hear any difference in the playback. Dynamics, however, work completely fine. What can I do to fix this? Any feedback at all is greatly appreciated. Thanks!

Welcome to the forum, Reagan. What version of Dorico are you using (SE, Elements, Pro)? What playback template are you using for playback (take a look in Play > Playback Template and see which playback template is shown as highlighted in the list there)?

My guess is you’re using either Dorico SE or Dorico Elements, and you’re using the factory playback template for either version. Dorico SE comes with a basic set of sounds that doesn’t provide for switching between arco and pizz. (for example) automatically. That’s also the case in Dorico Elements at the moment, though we are planning to add some more sounds to Dorico Elements soon.

Probably the easiest way to get a wide range of plug-and-play orchestral sounds for Dorico is to add NotePerformer. It’s a third-party product and not made by Steinberg, but it’s the go-to choice for thousands of Dorico users and you might find it ideal.


Okay, thanks so much! I’m using Dorico Elements. Is there any way to add the sounds on Cubase or Halion Sonic?

I think Elements can use any VST instrument and sound library and Dorico should detect any that are installed. If they are VST2s you may need to unblock them ( see Edit>Preferences>VST Pug-ins). VST3s are found invisibly. You can see what is available on your machine in Play Mode…



Okay, thank you both for your help!