Playing Techniques Unwanted change

Dorico 2.2.20
OS: Windows 10
VST: EW/ Play 3

The problem is the playing technique changes without being told to do so. I have an Oboe part that seem to be changing articulation in the second measure. When I opened the Playing Techniques channel in “Play” I found the first measure ‘natural’, the next two measures ‘legato’, the next two measure ‘nature’ at which point is switches again, and again, and again. It continues this behavior through out the piece. The accompanying Flute part behaves as expected. Needless to say, the play back doesn’t sound quite right. Any idea’s whats going on?

Is it possible to make edits to articulation in the Playing Techniques channel. It would have been nice if I could of selected and deleted the unwanted articulation on the screen where they’re visible.

Does your oboe part have slurs? That would probably create the legato playing techniques.

If you don’t want “legato” to do anything, you can edit the Expression Map for the oboe and delete it. Or change it to a different articulation in the EW library that you like better.

Yup, there’s a slur. I do use legato later in the piece, so removing it won’t work. The ‘natural’ switch is different from the legato which accounts for the difference. I guess I’ll bring both articulations in line with each other.

Thank you for the quick response.