Playing techniques with VSL

How can I get special playing techniques of VSL like „Portamento“ into Dorico? It seems that the special Expression maps from Cubase don‘t work. So, is it possible to get the playing techniques during playing on my keyboard with keyswitches into Dorico? Dorico is writing also the keyswitches of VSL! Sorry for my dilettantish questions…


Portamento and glissando lines don’t yet produce any playback effect in Dorico. If you have Dorico 2 you should be able to define a playing technique in Engrave > Playing Techniques that triggers an appropriate playback playing technique that you can define in the VST Expression Map, but this will require you to do a bit of work – it won’t work out of the box.

Keep in mind that it’s very easy in VSL to change the horizontal (x-axis) navigation from (default) keyswitches to a Controller.
With Dorico 2 you can simply enter controller values in the Play/Controller lanes, and thus select any articulation available. I.e bypassing the Playing Technique paradigm altogether. A small setback may be that it doesn’t seem to be possible to copy/paste controller lanes between instruments (yet…)

Hi Daniel,

Thanks for your answer.

So it should be possible to create an expression for e. g. „portamento“ to connect it to a playing technique in VSL in the expression map of dorico. Is there a tutorial how to do this?

I tried also to import playing techniques during the input in writing mode wirh my keyboard (functioning well in Logic X) but without succsess in playback. Maybe a dilettantish idea…

I like Dorico very much after changing from Sibelius (starting with Sibelius on Acorn!) and would be very glad to get also excellent playing results in Dorico!



You can find documentation for the Play > Expression Maps dialog here. The functioning of the Engrave > Playing Techniques dialog is not yet described in the online help, but is in the Dorico 2 Version History here, on pages 30 following.