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Hi, here’s another exemple: unpitched instrument Hihat plays “Percussion Instrument Playing Technique” “Natural”. In the General MIDI Percussion Map the written notes trigger MIDI Note Number 42 (I can hear the closed Hihat on F#1) while the Playing Technique says “Closed” instead of “Natural”.
Anyway, when in Write mode, you can add the Untuned Percussion Playing technique “Open (pt.open2)”. A little cirkel appears above the note. Now you should expect to hear MIDI Note Number 46 (Open Hi-Hat A#1) because the Playing Technique in the General MIDI Percussion Map is Open 2. This does not work. I keep hearing F#1 closed Hihat.
When adding a new Playing Technique in Edit Percussion Playing Techniques and choosing “Open 2” then things work as expected: you can choose the open hihat technique with Shift+Alt up/down. Then the playing technique “Open 2” does trigger A#1 indeed.
It’s very compicated also because sometimes things works wonderfull and sometimes not and I do not know whether it’s the imperfection of the program or something I miss myself (for example, auditioning notes sometimes trigger playing techniques, sometimes only the natural one).
Should the Untuned Percussion Playing Technique “Open (pt.open2)” (the little cirkel) trigger Note Number 46 in this case? Is there something I miss? Because it doesn’t.

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We’ve found a bug with the playback of hi-hat playing techniques. There’s a workaround for it: delete the note under the circle articulation and then press undo. It’s caused by the events being created in the wrong order, and this trick sets them back to the correct order. It doesn’t affect all open hi-hat notes - it depends on exactly how they were created.

OK, I’ll give it another try tomorrow. I’ll reply here then…

The trick with delete/undo works indeed, is was quite a relief to find out that there was nothing wrong with my brainpan.

Another exemple: in the Expression Map for HSO Bassoon Solo there are entries 4 and 5 named “pt.ornament.half” and “pt.ornament.whole”. The Actions (Key switches 28 and 26) are the right keys in HSO. But these techniques are not to be found in the list of available techniques nor do I know what kind of Write Mode articulation, ornament or playing technique triggers these entries. This goes for more entries like pt.trill.half/whole for HSO Celli Combi. Maybe this is work in progress?
Then there is something minor but thought I mention: when saving a Percussion Map Library the file gets the extension: “.doricolib". When saving a Percussion Kit Library (in Setup) the file gets the same extension: ".doricolib”. If it’s about the same instrument then it’s easy to overwrite the wrong file.
When adding an instrument to a Player, Dorico’s default behavior is loading the correct program in Halion Sonic, as well as the corresponding Percussion Kit and Map and Expression Map.
I hope in the future maybe it’s going to be possible to export/import user instruments together with Kits, Maps, VST routing, the lot, in one action, because there are a lot of steps to be taken now before you can actually write notes. One can of course make a user project with several often used instruments to start with, but it’s not practical to prepare a startup project with all the available instruments. Kind of like in Nuendo “Import/Export Track” would make things a lot easier.

You can’t play back trills at the moment – trills in the score do not give rise to the appropriate playing techniques. This will be added in due course.

There’s nothing peculiar about the fact that the same .doricolib file extension is used for files exported from different dialogs in Dorico, because they are the same kind of file. You have to be careful when choosing names for those files just like any other kind of file on your computer, such as .dorico projects themselves.

Thanks for the answers, I’m just trying to make a setup and by no means want to judge your great work

I think the awkward thing is that as a user you can’t control/edit which playing techniques are sent by the different articulations, ornaments or playing techniques etc. In Write Mode - Playing techniques, you can see them now by tool tips, that’s excellent! Patience is a virtue.

You’re very welcome to judge our work – you are, after all, a paying customer! We will no doubt have a proper editor for playing techniques in the fullness of time that will allow you to control their appearance and their playback effect.

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