Playing techniques

I have Dorico 3,5 and after I installed it I can not get the expression map to work. It doesn´t change between the playing techniques. I´m using Vienna. The playing techniques continue with the first sound and don´t change it. When I look at the playing techniques staff in “Play”, it says “Natural”, whatever I write (pizz, sfz staccato sustenuto). When I try using Halion SonicOrchestra it works. I don´t know on which side the problem lays. Dorico or Vienna. Before I installed 3,5, it did work. Does anyone have any idea on what to do?
Yours sincerely lgcello

What expression map are you using? One of your own creation, or one created by somebody else? Can you create a simple new project that reproduces one or two of the problems you’re having, and attach it here so we can take a look?

Sending a little test, some simple notes. I´m using Vienna Ensemble and their expression map. It doesn´t change playing techniques. It did work earlier before I installed 3,5. It works when I use HSO.
TEST (370 KB)

It appears that the keyswitches are in the wrong octave. VSL uses the same middle convention as Dorico (C4) and the keyswitches are all in the range C6-B6, but the expression map is triggering D7 for nat and F#7 for pizz, so you’ll need to set the pitches in the expression map down one octave.

Which specific library are you using? – there are a lot can be used with Vienna Ensemble either through the Vienna Instruments or Synchron players and I haven’t seen any defined by a single keyswitch. Double basses in the Synchron series are mostly defined with a [C,D,E etc] 6, C,D,E etc] 7 combination and my guess is you’ve left out the initial one from the octave 6 – basically what Paul’s suggesting, I think, unless he’s identified the exact library and knows better :slight_smile:

I have changed the octave and it works on some parts and bars and not on others. The line that shows which playing techniques that are used, it is empty. Nothing at all. The test I send you, it works after changing octave, but not my other files. Probably I have triggered something to go wrong. Hope you have any idea about what to do?

The Expression Map is stored in the project, so if you change it in one project then you’ll need to export it and import into other projects, or use custom Playback Templates (which contains the expression map)