Playing Through USB speakers

I’ve just connected a USB docking station to my laptop which has an external monitor, speakers, and some other peripherals connected to it. When I connect it to my laptop, all the sounds automatically play through the external speakers except for Dorico, which still uses the internal laptop speakers. I have to go into device setup, Device Control Panel, to change it over to the external speakers. Is there a way to have Dorico do that automatically when those speakers are present the way everything else in Windows does, or will I have to change that every time I’m connected to the docking station?


I guess you are using in Dorico the Generic Low Latency ASIO Driver (GLLAD), right? In that case, that’s the way it is. Because Dorico only saves the preferred audio driver, but not the output ports. Since both, the internal and external speakers are driven by the GLLAD, it picks always the first available output and that is the internal speakers. And the GLLAD does not have a concept like a “default” device.

Okay, thanks. That seems like something that would be a reasonably common issue. Maybe an update to that driver could solve that? Or is there another suitable driver (perhaps third-party) available that would work?

You could try the ASIO4All driver, which is for free download at

Is there Mac Version?

No, same as our own Generic Low Latency Driver, ASIO4All is for Windows only.
On Mac, when Dorico wants to “talk” to the built-in audio device, it does so via our CoreAudio2ASIO component which also gets installed along with Dorico.

Just for information, ASIO4ALL fixed my problem as well. I’d been having difficulty getting sound on playback at all, and then, having got it to the internal speakers, there was no option to send it to my external speakers (via a Plugable dock). They simply did not appear as an option in Doric’s Device Control Panel. Tried ASIO4ALL; selected ‘Plugable’ speakers; perfect.

Well - nearly! For the first 10-15 seconds of playback the sound was really rough. Then it cleared and has been fine since.

Otherwise, despite some difficulty getting to grips with notating - just unfamiliarity with the interface - I am very impressed. The manual is quite amazing, thank you.


I was not able to get this to work for me, but it sounds like my problem is different than yours. I’m trying to avoid having to change speakers every time I dock, but the option is there and it works. It’s just an annoyance to have to switch it every time. ASIO4ALL didn’t really solve the issue for me, as it still did not default to the docked speakers, though I’m fully aware I may not have set it up properly.

That said, during this quarantine I’m basically docked all the time anyway, so it’s less of an issue currently. I anticipate revisiting this topic in a few months when I’m traveling more with my laptop.