Playing VST's provided by CUBASE Elements


I’m a complete newbiew at DAW’s and fairly new with keyboards too.

Installed CUBASE Elements 9 on my Windows 10, 64 Bit OS

I’m using Yamaha’s UX16 Midi USB cables to connect the keyboard (Yamaha PSR s970) to my laptop.
Do have all the drivers intalled.

When I use my Keyboard the output sound is the voice that is selected by the keyboard.
How can I configure the keyboard to play the installed VST’s ?


You probably have to configure Cubase, not your keyboard.
Load a VST instrument, set up Cubase, so the incoming MIDI signals coming from your keyboard go to the VST instrument. That’s it.

You can connect this keyboard to a computer using an USB cable. The MIDI outputs are mainly intended for controlling other hardware.
I believe it always outputs MIDI through USB, so you can just mute the keyboard while you’re not using its internal sounds.

Thanks for the responses. Will check the settings.

@OP:Generally MIDI outputs are intended for outputting MIDI data if you control hardware with it, or trigger VSTis is solely up to you.