Playlist - Hiding Instruments from FULL SCORE


I am working in MASTER PAGES and with PROJECT TOKENS and I have added my player list, with success.

However, in my FULL SCORE I have a piano reduction part for choir rehearsals that I would like concealed in the conductors score.

Even though I have deselect this in the PLAYERS panel in the SETUP PAGE, it is still drawing upon this information is the token PLAYERLIST readout.

Also, I have my second oboe doubling on cor Anglais and used the special Dorico feature where you “slide that players instrument card” into the instrument that it will double. But what this leaves is a blank player ie. Empty-handed Player 2 which I obviously don’t want listed on the INSTRUMENTS section.

Any advice out there as to how to overcome this situation?

BTW - I am really loving the latest update (2.2) and recent release (2.2.10) with flip mode!! All stellar improvements! Dorico keeps going from strength to strength!


You can delete any blank (empty handed) players from the players list, of course. What do you can’t do is use a token that selectively list the players. That’s all or nothing, I’m afraid.

  1. Edited: factually incorrect. Apologies!

  2. Select the Empty Handed Player and either click the trash can icon at the bottom of the left panel or hit the Delete key on your keyboard. To remove this unnecessary step in future, use the plus button to the right of an individual player to add a new instrument to it directly, rather than creating an entirely new player.

There have been several requests for a token akin to “layout flow players.” Certainly a handy one to add in the future.

OK, sure.

So perhaps I may be better off transferring my piano reduction and my Choir into a NEW FLOW to avoid it drawing from my MAIN orchestral score?

I guess that would be the alternative unless anyone has another work around?

Thank you for the swift response Dan, Dankreider and pianoleo!

I think that would be your best bet, as long as it’s a single-flow project for starters.

I would think that manually creating the player list would be easier in the long run than juggling flows. But that’s just me.

I agree; I should have clarified that a separate flow was the best option IF Amanda was committed to using a token.

For single-flow projects, I generally use tokens for layout names, and everything else I simply type in. Multi-flow projects are different, of course.

I think the following would be possible:

  1. make a new full score layout.
  2. rename it conductor’s score
  3. remove piano reduction from the conductor’s score

{@playerlist@} reflects this correctly.

Oh my goodness.

prko, you’re right. I just tried it, and {@playerlist@} gives me a different result for each layout, based on which players are assigned to it!

How did we all miss this? Did it change recently??

I do not know. I have tried it after reading this thread because it is relevant to my current work. However, “making two scores” is my favourite work style when working with Finale. In Dorico, it is also a good working environment.