Playlist like pro tools

Hello, is it possible with nuendo to create lane and record on a new lane ( I don’t like when we re-record on the same track Over the events. It quickly becomes a mess)

Thanks a lot

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It doesn’t work like pro tools.
Reading, I think it’s not possible to make a version, then change Lane without any events and record other Lanes. I don’t really like when events overlap when recording. It quickly becomes a mess. Is there a way?


I don’t understand this. That is what lanes do, actually. If you record in cycle, each new time the audio will be recorded in a new lane. If you have the lanes unfolded, you will see how each new take is put in its own lane.

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Yes, but is it possible to record on the same track by changing the lane, I’d like to see the same track without any events ( the others takes are recorded in lanes). I wish I could do New Lane and we’re going back on a new empty track. Because what bothers me is recording over events and it makes an event mess.


Try Track Versions :wink:


You’re right, this is handled a bit differently in Nuendo.
In PT, you have to manually choose which lane is the “master take”, if I remember correctly.
You manually create an empty lane, and therefore the track seems empty when you start to record.

In Nuendo, you don’t have to worry about which lane is the “master take”. You always see the Events that are currently “in front” (which is maybe what you don’t like). When audio is recorded over other audio in cycle, new lanes are created automatically. There is never any danger of erasing anything. All lanes can be shown when you unfold the track lanes, and then comped together with the comp tool.

Both systems have their strengths and weaknesses, IMHO.

Yes, the way to start from a “clean” version is by creating a new track version, but then, track versions cannot be shown as lanes. I myself would not use track versions for recording different takes.

Thanks for your answer!
Thank you all, in any case this forum is great because we have answers quickly. What is not the case for all other software