PLE and Macros Enhancements...

I’m trying to do a few things with the PLE and can’t so I figured there could be a couple of improvements to the PLE and Macros section.

Firstly, I am trying to Duplicate a Midi track, then disable the duplicate (fine so far), then move the Disabled Duplicate track into a specific folder.

The PLE needs two more commands…

“Property is/is not set” -> “Disabled”

“Track Operation” move to a Folder (and type folder name)

This would make my day. Once a track is disabled, Cubase can’t do anything with them and not being able to move things into specific folders would be glorious.

Another option missing in the PLE is a Ruler track. I can’t show visible a secondary Ruler track as there is no option. The work around is to put the Ruler into a Folder and then use folder naming.

The Macros section…

When creating a Macros, could we please have an option to copy a macro and then be able to switch out various commands in the Macros? When I make PLE Commands for Project navigation, each macros is different with different folder names. And then each has to be saved separately. When it comes to creating a Macros, I have to create it step by step and this would save so much time. There are other things but my brain is tired at the minute.