PLE and macros for Mute, Solo, Monitor, Listen

Here are some simple PLE presets and macros to simplify life:

Disable Record and Monitor on all tracks:

Solo / un solo all selected tracks:
You may reassign S key command

Mute / un mute all selected tracks:
You may reassign M key command

Macro for enabling Listen on selected track even if you are in Key editor:

See my other posts for more

Mute tracks.xml (5.5 KB)
record monitor disable.xml (5.1 KB)
Solo tracks.xml (5.5 KB)

Any chance you could upload the presets?
(Have you created a Project Logical Editor preset?)

sure, I will, I forgot to do it.
Anyway, I think it´s more instructive if people see the instructions and understand what is going on and maybe get inspired (that´s my goal) than just copying a file.

I hear that, and emphatically agree – these two or three line presets will help people getting started with it.

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