PLE "color name" parameter GUI design fail

This isn’t really a bug since it is obviously the intended behavior. But it also was obviously not fully thought through before making a GUI change

Before Cubase 10 if you used the PLE parameter “color name” the GUI for selecting that name looked like this. Notice how it shows you both the swatch and the actual color name.

Starting with Cubase 10 this GUI was changed to look like this. Notice how it ONLY shows the swatch and not the names. Now call me old fashioned, but I think if I’m selecting a parameter called “color name” that one of the very most important things you’d want to see is the actual color name.

Please change this back to how it looked before Cubase 10.

I’m not in the studio atm. But I wanted to confirm that even though this is a PLE parameter color name, that this can’t be changed by going to Project>project colors set-up> then maybe the options tab (sorry doing this by memory) and then selecting the option that gives you something like “use color names?”

I’m pretty confident you know what I’m referring to right? Im doing this by memory…

No. In both cases that parameter is checked. And yeah that is the correct location for it.