PLE - group editing off

How can I disable the group editing for all folder tracks using PLE?
I can only see a toggle option but that is not enough because I usually have some on and others off.

I want to disable all because I am using another PLE command which hides all group tracks; so if a group track is inside a folder track, that has the group editing on, then it hides the whole folder :crazy_face:


If there are not the enable and disable options (sorry, I’m not with Cubase at this moment, so I cannot verify), then I’m afraid the only way is to use a suffix to the group editing enable folders. Then you have to always enable/disable it by using PLE to add/remove the suffix.

Once you go this way, you can search for the suffix in the Folder track’s name and find out, of the group editing is enabled or not.

And how would I do that? I don’t really get it
A suffix for the name of the folders? Sorry, I am confused


You would make one PLE to enable the Group Editing. Apart from this function, it would contain the function to rename the folder with the given suffix (for example *GE*).

Then you would have another PLE to disable the Group Editing. Apart from this function, it would contain the function to remove the given suffix from the name.

And then you would have your wanted PLE, which would search for the *GE* in the Folder tracks name.

The command for enabling and disabling group editing is the same, as there is only one function available - “toggle group editing”.
This raises the question of how the PLE will determine whether to enable or disable the group editing in order to apply or remove the suffix.

Just a reminder that not all of my group folders have group editing enabled.

Am I missing something? :roll_eyes:


You would decide it as a user by calling the wanted preset. Of course PLE would test if the suffix is there or not.

So if you would trigger to enable the Group Editing, the PLE would test if there is the *GE* suffix. If yes, the Group Editing would not be triggered (because this would disable it); if not the Group Editing would be triggered to enable it.

TBH it’s not working. I’ve tried but I guess I am doing something wrong.


Could you provide the PLEs you made?

Let’s get that straight because I think you’re describing a process that can’t apply in my case.

I want all my folder tracks, selected or not, which only some of them have the -group editing- enabled beforehand, make them all have the -group editing- disabled.

The PLEs I tried are adding the suffix to all folder tracks because they don’t know if there is -group editing- enabled or not. But I just want to add it only let’s say on the enabled, so I can then disable it only these ones.

it’s a mess