PLE: Mass coloring using specific colors?

Hello people! Merry Christmas and a happy new year. May it be better than the one that’s going away.

I want to be able to colorize each group with a specific color from my palette, just after creating them. It’s very easy:

Now, I want to do this with 16 groups / colors.

Is there a way to pack it all up in a single PLE preset, or should I make 16 separate presets?

Thank you in advance.

All PLE presets that you create/save, show up in your key commands.

You can add these to macros.

Thank you. I know that, that’s what I’m doing for now.

But can I save space and have all this into one PLE preset instead of 16?

Not really, unfortunately… you could make a chain of LE presets using a macro- there are limitations in doing that, like how many LE presets/macros you can chain sequentially.

Ah, I thought so but still hoped someone might have a trick up their sleeve… It doesn’t really bother me for the PLE presets, as I can drop those into folders and keep things tidy, but in the Key Commands window… it quickly becomes a mess.

Thanks @LoveGames and @steve!