PLE on Parts

I request that the Project Logical Editor has a “Part Operation” under Action Target similar to the existing “Track Operation”.

As an example, I would like to Mute and Unmute parts with the PLE directly. Currently I can create a PLE that selects parts and then use the Post-Process Command “Mute Events” . The downside of this route is that I loose my current selection.

Can you take a screenshot
to clarify what you want to do
You may need to use a macro

I can’t really post a screenshot of a feature that is not there. I’ll try to explain it again.

If you open the PLE editor, set Function to Transform. Notice under Action Target that one of the options is “Track Operation”.
My FR is to include a similar option but that targets Parts, a “Parts Operation”.

Macros will not be a workaround in this case since all commands require the object to be selected first. A PLE does not.

ok but a macro can be made up of several PLEs and you can create selection PLEs


PLE 1 to select
PLE 2 to transform

What are you trying to argue here?