PLE: Open only folders with enabled tracks

Hi everybody!

I have created a template for orchestra with <750 tracks in folders and subfolders (Cubase 13 Pro). As a start, all tracks are disabled, and I enable them one by one as needed.

I am looking for a way in Project Logical Editor to close/collapse all folders that do not contain any enabled tracks or, in the other way: to only open those folders that contain active tracks (and close all others). So far I have not been able to figure out a solution.

Does anyone have an idea if/how this can be done? Thanks a lot!


You can create a macro
which will already include 2 PLEs
1st PLE

it’s in French
but in principle
container type is equal to a track
property is set Is disabled
track operation hide track Enable
2nd PLE

container type is equal to a track
property is not defined Is disabled
track operation is not defined Is disabled

Then our example one of my macros
With the 2 PLEs
has this function
Project Folding Unfolding tracks
Zoom show all tracks
which allows you to have all your active tracks unfold with the same track height

Afterwards you can create as many PLEs and macros as you want
The best is to have a touch screen to recall them
I created PLEs for each instrument family and each Instrument
and thanks to this I only create instrument family folders which avoids there being too many folders which take up a lot of space on the screen with this cascading effect
For example

so I can choose an instrument or see all the woodwinds
I have the same thing on other families of instruments

There are lots of ways to do this
and all you have to do is let your imagination work
The only thing to take into account is to follow a precise order and to do tests to see if it works.
Once you have successfully created your PLEs and macros, don’t forget to save them, very important.

This sounds very cool, @Freudon. Very helpful. Thanks a lot - I will try that later today!

So, thank you very much again, @Freudon. I have looked more closely into your suggestion. This macro nicely hides all disabled tracks.

I would, however, be interested in closing all folders that only contain disabled tracks. The problem is that PLE does not seem to allow saying “select all folders that do/do not contain disabled/enabled tracks”.

I just had the idea to mute all folders that do not contain active tracks (to have a different trigger) and to unmute them if I activate a track in them. This property can be selected (Property Is Set - Is Muted). This works, but it is only an unhandy workaround.

Thank you anyhow! Maybe you or someone else has another idea.

From the few tests it seems that it is not possible to select which folders will be folded or unfolded
After thinking
what is the point of keeping a disabled tracks folder visible?
you can recall your files whenever you want with PLEs and activate the chosen tracks
and create a macro to select and make visible your tracks of choice
I even created macros which allow me to select for example
activated woodwinds and brass etc…

I don’t know if you are using Cubase 12 Pro but this version allows you to create PLEs to which you can add macros and/or other functions in pre and/or post processing
it is a very powerful tool

Thanks a lot, @Freudon. I see you point. It is just a matter of my workflow I guess. Sometimes, I like to keep all folders with disabled tracks visable (but closed) when I am selecting different instruments, but due to the high number of folders, it would be helpful to maintain an overview if I could close all folders except for the ones with enabled tracks.