PLE: Possible to select the FIRST track with a specific color (not all of them)?

I am wondering if it is possible to select the FIRST track with a specified color in the track list of the project window, as opposed to selecting ALL tracks with that color.

Right now I’m doing this in a macro:

  • Run PLE preset

  • Select Track: Prev

  • Select Track: Next

But on large templates selecting all tracks with a certain color is quite slow.

So I would like to do this in the PLE directly.


I’m sorry, I’m afraid this is not possible.

Thanks, Martin. Appreciate your response.

Selecting next of something (both events based on linear position and tracks based on position in the tracklist) would definitely be a great addition to the PLE.

Imagine, wouldn’t it be cool to have a key command Go to Next Track of Same Color. This would allow you to e.g. jump to the next instrument track in the same category, cycle between all vox audio tracks, or jump from group track to group track. Very powerful.

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fyi - In Cubase 12 the PLE and LE have been improved- you can include commands that can be invoked both before and after the preset runs. This might provide a way to do what you’re talking about. (with some investigation)

OK, this is catnip for me.

I haven’t tried putting this into a Preset, but stepping through it by hand works.

In Key Commands in the Navigation section there are Commands for Up and Down (not to be confused with similar commands under Nudge). These are what you want to use. On my sys they are unassigned. Also there is a Preference under Editing “Use Up/Down Navigation Commands for Selecting Tracks only” which I have unchecked but probably is worth exploring further in this context.

This general procedure will select the first Track but does require it to not be the first Track in the entire Project.

  1. Execute the PLE to select multiple Tracks
  2. Execute the Up Command which will select the Track right above the initially selected Tracks
  3. Execute the Down Command which will now select the first of the initially selected Tracks


As a workaround… I’m still thinking to write the MIDI Remote command for this. Make an array off tracks with the given color and then select the 1st one.

But I haven’t tried. And actually I’m not sure, maybe I can get the track’s color/name/ whatever in the given Mixer Bank only.

I will try to write the script at the beginning of the next week.

Intrigued by this, Martin, so if you find the time… :slight_smile: